Knee Pain

"Eliminate Knee Pain So You Can Squat To Depth Every Time and Put The Intensity Back In Your Workout”

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- Jerry A.

“Charles is absolutely awesome to work with. He’s personal and knowledgable with what he does. Easy to communicate with as well. I was having pain on my wrist due to overhead movements and he helped me get rid of it. He also introduced me to great stretches and movements to help me in my training journey. Don’t hesitate, just go to him!”

- Caitlin M.

“I went to Charles Olympic lifting clinic and i loved it! After the clinic I had some things I wanted to work on one on one. I don’t have any pains I just wanted to be able to move better and more comfortable so I went to see Charles and WOW what a difference I feel great and soo much more comfortable working out. I would definitely recommend going to see Charles for whatever goals you have for your body and to be able to move better.”