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"Take Control Of Your Back Pain So You Can Crush Every Workout"

Our Patients Always Tell Us…

This Is What We Tell Our Patients who Lift Weights……

This Is What We Tell Our Patients who Lift Weight...

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- Ian K.

“My experience at Mindful Movement with Charles has been fantastic. Charles is a very professional individual, and has a great depth of knowledge that became very apparent in my evaluation appointment. I am quite a few weeks into treatment and have seen tremendous improvement. I would recommend Charles to any of my loved ones for any Physical ailment or Therapy need. If you are ready to put in the work to improve your aches, pains, and mobility, Charles is as good of an option as any and you should definitely give it a try.”

- Pj S.

“Charles & RX PT did a fantastic job over the past few weeks rehabbing my shoulder. Not only did Charles provide an excellent service, he also sent me home with a library full of exercises and stretches to continue after our sessions were over. If you think you’re going to come see Charles for a quick and simple checkup, think again. You will be moving, lifting, and sweating all in the name of rehab and recovery. Thanks again for everything!”